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Expat Women Living in Bahrain

If you are (or plan to be) an expat living in Bahrain, please find below a list of expat clubs, schools, general links for women living in Bahrain country information and more...
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The British Club
The British Club is one of the oldest and most popular clubs in Bahrain. The Club was founded in 1935 and was originally known as The Gymkhana Club. Since then it has gone from strength to strength and currently boasts a membership of around 1500 members. The club offers a safe, friendly atmosphere for individuals and families to relax in, and has a wide range of facilities.
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Bahrain British Business Forum
The BBBF was formed in 1995 to promote trade and investment between Bahrain and Britain in a non-discriminatory, non-political and non-profit making manner. The BBBF is widely recognized in Bahrain and the UK as a leading impartial business sector group. The Forum works to create and sustain a favourable business environment. The BBBF strives to assist and introduce new trade and investments to both countries that can benefit and enhance the common economic interests of our member companies.
Bahrain Tourism
Latino Group in Bahrain
Any Spanish speaking ladies coming to Bahrain who would like to make friends and speak Spanish, please contact the Latino Group on: bahrainlatino@gmail.com
Raíces En Bahrain
Spanish-language site about living in Bahrain. Recipes, Latin events, Jokes, Health, Free time etc.
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Bahrain Bayan School
BBS was founded to provide a good basis for the children of a handful of parents who wanted their children to keep their Arabic roots, yet have the educational background to be able to enter European and American Universities.
Ibn Khuldoon National School
The school is national in essence, with openness to an international perspective. It is private, non-profit, self-supporting, coeducational and bilingual at all levels, and open to students without discrimination.
Naseem International School
Riffa Views International School
Riffa Views International School is uniquely positioned to provide an outstanding educational environment for Bahraini citizens and the expatriate community located in Bahrain.
St Christopher's School
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The Bahrain Tribune
The Gulf Daily News
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Bahrain Map
Central Intelligence Agency, 2005
Location: Middle East
Capital City: Manama
Other Important Cities:
Bahraini Dinar ( BHD )
Language: Arabic, English
Calling Code: +973
Internet TLD: .bh
Emergency Numbers:  
Country Information
Embassy Information
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These tips were kindly provided by volunteer Expat Women Mentors in 2007. ExpatWomen.com shares these tips in an effort to help but takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.
Provided by Mary M, Irish, Manama, Bahrain
Check out the housing.
For those with school-going children the location of schools would be an important consideration.
Shopping facilities are not a problem but traffic congestion could be.
Bahrain is a liberal Muslim country but sensitivity to how we expats behave and dress at certain times and places (eg. During the Holy Month of Ramadan or walking in the Souks and local areas) is worth checking out.
Check out the availability of Women's organizations. Bahrain is a very a small island and these groups provide a wealth of information and support to newly arrived expats.
Provided by Benedicte, American, Manama, Bahrain
Bahrain is actually a very easy place to live, so do not worry- it is not like Saudi, in terms of restrictions to foreigners etc.
There are lots of things to do (e.g. clubs, riding clubs, night clubs, restaurants, etc.) so be sure to join and enjoy some.
If you are looking for work, there is usually work for foreigners with the foreign and the local companies.
You do not need to bring a suitcase full of books, as there are some bookstores here, plus Amazon.com delivers here.
Summers can be hot and humid, but if you did not bring the correct clothing, you will be happy to know that clothing is available in good clothes stores here and near.
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