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Saudi Arabia

Expat Women Living in Saudi Arabia

If you are (or plan to be) an expat living in Saudi Arabia, please find below a list of expat clubs, schools, general links for women living in Saudi Arabia, country information and more...
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American Women of the Eastern Province (Saudi Arabia)
Aramco ExPats
The Aramco ExPats Travel Club is officially up and running and the club is working hard to organize trips in 2008.
Dhahran Women's Group
Expats in Saudi Arabia
A group for all expats (no matter what sex, nationality or religion) to help if they are thinking of, or are indeed living or working in Saudi Arabia.
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Little to no activity.

Although not specific to Saudi it does have a fair bit of activity and info about Saudi Arabia.

Good info and active.

Group oriented for expats, but little activity.

Five stars – probably best newsgroup all around with high volume of activity, ground truths, insights and pertinent info about the Kingdom.

Group oriented to halaqah gatherings in Riyadh as well as info specific to Islamic teachings. This group will also post notices of local items for sale as well as job opportunities.

Not specific to Saudi. Little activity but occasionally useful info is passed.

Quiet newsgroup but supposed to provide info specific about life in Riyadh.

Still cited as an active newsgroup for goings on in Saudi but little to no activity.

Still cited as an active newsgroup but little to no activity.

This group is exclusively for Western women currently or formerly married to Saudis and to women engaged to Saudis. Excellent group for networking and learning about real life in the Kingdom.

Still cited as an active newsgroup but little to no activity.

Still cited as an active newsgroup but little to no activity.

A must join for anyone coming to the Kingdom and interested in pets. This is an active newsgroup with majority of participants resident in the Kingdom.

A great newsgroup hosted by a woman living in the Kingdom, although not necessarily oriented solely on Saudi but the region as a whole.

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Arab News Newspaper
Arab News daily newspaper – English language
Embassy of the United States Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
US Embassy, Riyadh with specific link to security advisories and notices.
Saudi Arabia Newspapers
Link of a variety of online Saudi newspapers in both English and Arabic editions.
Saudi Jeans
Blog written by a male Saudi student that provides unique perspectives and insights about the Kingdom.

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Al Hada International School
American International School-Riyadh
Britis hInternational School, Jeddah
British School– Riyadh
Dhahran High School
International Schools Group
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If you would like to read the information saved from the Saudi Arabia Forums that we previously had on our site, please click on this attachment.
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Arab News
Khaleej Times
Saudi Gazette
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Saudi Arabia Map
Central Intelligence Agency, 2005
Location: Middle East
Capital City: Riyadh
Other Important Cities:  
Currency: Riyal
Language: Arabian
Calling Code: 966
Internet TLD: .sa
Electricity: 110/220V 60Hz
Emergency Numbers:
Country Information

Country Study

Embassy Information
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These tips were kindly provided by volunteer Expat Women Mentors in 2007. ExpatWomen.com shares these tips in an effort to help but takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.
Provided by Carol F, American, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE – do as much advance research as possible. Saudi Arabia is unlike any other place in which to live. Read and learn as much about the country, culture, customs and traditions before arriving.
Be flexible and patient – a must for survival.
Find your like-minded friends soonest who will become your support network.
Be cognizant of the custom and culture which is truly unique unto itself. (ie, women are required to wear an abaya; Islam is an ingrained part of every Saudi's life; women cannot drive; Saudi has its own "Arab standard time."
5. Register with the closest embassy or consulate so that you will be notified in the event of any incident or security notices.
Provided by Tracey A, British Saudi Arabian, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
1. Research, research and research.
2. Make sure you use reliable sources for information, i.e. people who have lived in the country of origin.
3. Have an open mind.
4. Be flexible.
5. Get to know the real people and culture – don't stick to other expats.
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