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Expat Women Living in Spain

If you are (or plan to be) an expat living in Spain, please find below a list of expat clubs, schools, general links for women living in Spain, country information and more...
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American Society of Barcelona (ASB)
Functions as a non-political and non-profit organization and strives to be the focal point for people who are interested in developing and maintaining business and social relationships in an international environment.
American Women's Club of Madrid
Founded as a charitable, non-profit organization in March of 1954. Throughout the years, the club has been a meeting place for an interaction between women of all nationalities. And since the beginning, the members of AWC Madrid have served the community through personal activities and by raising funds to support a multitude of charitable organizations.
Barcelona Newcomer's Club
A group for newcomers, expats and residents of Barcelona who enjoy meeting other people and sharing experiences. Our goal is to present all that Catalunya has to offer, through the participation of those born and bred here, recently-arrived expats and long-time residents.
Barcelona Women's Network
An international group of women who live in and around Barcelona. We meet to socialise, do business, support each other and above all, enjoy life in and around this vibrant city.
Costa Women
Costa Women is a social network community for expat women living on the Costa del Sol. The site has been set up to build a community of women to share friendship, support and knowledge about living on the Costa.
International Women's Club of Barcelona
A multinational network open for all English-speaking women. Our aim is to provide a welcome environment, to establish friendships, enhance knowledge, and offer support when needed. The IWCB has been a successful voluntary organisation in Barcelona for nearly 60 years.
Mallorca Ladies Club
The Mallorca Ladies Club is a place for social and business networking. They welcome ladies who want to make new friends, who may be new to the Island, who want to expand their business, or who just want to socialise with likeminded people.
Newcomers Club - Spain
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Absolute Barcelona
A new site for expatriates, residents and visitors. It features forums and, a rich business directory.
Baleares Women's Business Association (ASEME)
Also known as the La Asociación Española de Mujeres Empresarias de Baleares. They claim to be the oldest women's business Association in Spain and to be of great help to women with businesses in the area. They are now inviting international business women into the group. (Spanish-speaking group)
Barcelona City
Information about Barcelona
Barcelona Connect
For all the info on nightlife, living and enjoying Barecelona.
Barcelona Metropolitan
The city's magazine in English.
Costa Blanca Expats
A Website of resources to assist British expatriates on The Costa Blanca.
Costa Blanca Live
Information for expats living in the Costa Blanca.
English Speaking Residents Association on Mallorca
Website and expat group for English speakers in Mallorca.
Expatica Spain
The international community's home away from home on the web. It is a must-read for English-speaking expatriates and internationals across Europe, providing a tailored local news service and essential information on living in, working in or moving to your country of choice.
Expatriate Cafe
An online resource for English teachers in Spain, but it also features a forum with discussions of all aspects of expatriate life in Spain.
Explore Seville
For anyone moving or living in Seville, a web site full of useful information.
Ibiza Belle
Covers all aspects of moving to Ibiza, such as driving, finding employment and accommodation, beach reviews and local services.
Ibiza Spotlight
Living and traveling in Ibiza
Information on Spain
Information on moving to and living in Spain. Information useful to the expatriate on everything from employment, driving and schools to property and land laws.
International Newcomers Club of Madrid
A social club in Madrid, created by expats, for expats.
Just Landed in Spain
This new site offers extensive information and services for foreigners coming to Spain, including info on legal issues such as visas and residencies, accommodation, banking, internet and more.
Kids In Barcelona
Essential guide for families living in Barcelona or visiting. Children's activities and shows, parks and playgrounds, schools and health, shopping and more. Online forum.
Lanzarote Information
Anything and everything about living in Lanzarote. Free hints, tips, advice and experiences.
Living in Spain
Living in Spain, working in Spain, permits in Spain and more!! All the information on living in Spain you could want.
Mad About Madrid
An independent travel guide to Madrid and an expatriate resource, covering restaurants, architecture, bars, hotels, nightlife and museums.
Mas Amigos (for Swedes living in Spain)
My Destination is a global travel resource powered by a diverse community of local experts on the ground, providing unrivalled local knowledge and unique local deals.
Si, Spain
This interactive service "Sí, Spain" (3.0), promotes free exchange of information on Spanish current affairs and its historical, linguistic and cultural development.
SoberVillage Rehab
SoberVillage is a rehab center based in Southern Spain, using the motto 'healthy body, healthy mind'. The program is a 12 step program with 40 years sobriety between the team. Free advice available.
Spain Expat
Spain Expat offers more information than ever before - information specifically for expats living in Spain or moving here such as finding apartments and real estate, connecting to the Internet, learning Spanish, currency exchange, health care & medical insurance, getting telephone service, VoIP for calling home cheaply, working & jobs in Spain, finding cheap flights, and one of our specialties: legal issues like visas and residency for expats.
Spanish Town Guides
All the information you need about Spain and Spanish cities such as: Madrid City; Malaga City; Granada City; Sevilla City; and Salamanca City. From tourist information about each Spanish town and city to all kinds of facts about Spain; how to buy a property in Spain and/or information about Spanish food and studying Spanish in Spain.
Tenerife Life
All about Tenerife, the largest of Spain's Canary Islands.
This is Valencia
The essential guide, in English, to Valencia, Spain's most exciting city. Everything you want to know - if you live here, if you are visiting or passing through- it's all here, at the click of a button.
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Almuñecar International School

Aloha College

American School of Madrid

British Council School of Madrid

British School Alzira

British School Of Valencia

British Yeoward School

Caxton College

Colegio Europa International School

El Limonar International School

Europa International School

Hastings School

International School Estepona

International College Spain

International College Spain (ICS)

International School of Madrid

King's College of Madrid
Los Olivos

Lyceé Francais

Mayfair International Academy

National Association of British Schools in Spain

Newton College

Oak House British School

Runnymede College

Suland International School

The American School of Barcelona

The American School Of Valencia

The English Educational Centre

The English International College

The English School

The Lady Elizabeth School

Trinity School

Wingate School
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Spanish Property Today: Post-Boom Influences
Bringing a Car to Spain
Spanish School System
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Typically English

El Pais
Look for El Pais in the right hand column. Pages only available in.pdf.
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Looking for work in another country requires more than just the obvious CV translation. You will be confronted with issues that probably didn't even cross your mind when you decided to go for an international career, but don't underestimate the big impact they can have on the outcome of your adventure!
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Recruiting In The Spanish Job Market - 'Hasta Mañana'
Spain is hot! The economy is thriving, Spanish players have swiftly entered the global market place and the restructuring of the Spanish economy is progressing ceaselessly.
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Supplied by Expertise in Labour Mobility
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Spain Map
Central Intelligence Agency, 2005
Location: Europe
Capital City: Madrid
Other Important Cities:
Alicante, Andalucia, Barcelona, Gibraltar, Granada, Ibiza, Malaga, Mallorca, Murcia, San Sabastan, Seville, Valencia
Currency: Euro €
Language: Spanish
Calling Code: 34
Internet TLD: .es
Electricity: 220V 50 Hz
Emergency Numbers:
Country Information

Country Study

Embassy Information
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These tips were kindly provided by volunteer Expat Women Mentors in 2007. ExpatWomen.com shares these tips in an effort to help but takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.
Provided by Carol R, American, in Roses, Spain
Relax, things move slower here.
Explore, there is no better way to get to know the area than getting lost.
Be kind. The people can sometimes seem brash, but they are just shy.
Laugh – don't loose your sense of humor. You are in another country experiencing all kinds of adventures.
5. Support, seek out a network of expats to share your ups and downs of your new cultural experience.
Provided by Vanessa V, British, in Sevilla, Spain
Don't have unrealistic expectations; every country has its irritations. If you accept this before you go, it makes life a lot easier.
Don't keep comparing the new country with your place of birth (or the place you lived previously). Embrace the differences and accept that it is these differences that will make your new country an enlightening experience. Every country has it's negatives aspects and usually when we move to a new country and are feeling homesick we forget all the things that used to get us down at home. Be fair to your new environment.
Give yourself time to settle in. Once it stops feeling like a holiday, that's when things may get a little wobbly and you start pining for family and friends. Stick with it and accept this is part of the process.
Learn some of the language, even if it's the very basics such as "thank you", "please", or "good morning." The locals will always appreciate your efforts however bad they may seem to you.
Never travel back home for a holiday when you are feeling homesick, it will make you feel even worse about returning to your new country/home. Ride out the homesickness (it will pass without any warning) and then when you visit home you will enjoy your trip and also be happy to come back.
Provided by Debbie J, British, in La Murta, Murcia, Spain
1. Learn to be even more patient, things do happen in Spain, but in their own time.
2. Smile broadly at the attention Spanish men pay you - it's a compliment, really!
3. Anti-wrinkle sun protection is your friend, use it daily, even in the winter.
4. Talking about winter, it gets cold here too, so don't throw away all of your winter clothes.
5. And of course, you will have much more fun if you learn Spanish. ¡Te aproveche!
Provided by Laura G, Argentinean, Madrid, Spain
1. Get involved with Spanish culture.
2. Spanish is a must since most people do not speak any English.
3. Take time to know the city: it's easy and has a lot to offer.
4. Get used to commercial opening times (very restricted).
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