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Expat Women Living in Switzerland

If you are (or plan to be) an expat living in Switzerland, please find below a list of expat clubs, schools, general links for women living in Switzerland, country information and more...
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American Club of Zurich
The American Club of Zurich (ACZ) is here to provide you a smooth integration into the community. In addition, the club, through its own volunteers, organizes wonderful events that enable you to fully benefit from your experiences in Switzerland.

American Women's Club of Bern in Switzerland
The American Women's Club of Bern is a non-political organization of American women meeting for social, charitable, and cultural activities and to facilitate better understanding of Switzerland.

American Women's Club of Zurich
The American Women's Club of Zurich (AWCZ) is a non-profit, volunteer organization providing friendship and support among American women as well as non-American women with close ties to the United States, living in Switzerland and to facilitate their efforts to integrate into the Swiss community.

American Women of Ticino
The group meets regularly to share information on topics of mutual interest and to provide support for one another. We also plan special events to commemorate American holidays.

Association Roots - CH-Rhine Valley, FL-Liechtenstein, A-Voralberg
The association Roots is an international and interactive platform that has been created for people who have moved to Werdenberg and surrounding regions in the Rhine Valley  "3-Countries Meeting Point" Are you looking to network, support, share and draw personal experiences to encourage a sense of belonging that is often brought about by the unearthing of local resources, social outings and the shaping of friendship? Join us, participate, be active and exchange your ideas!

Fribourg Expat Woman's Group
Our group's main aim is to unite women who are living in the surrounding areas of Fribourg.  We offer the ability for new comers to meet existing members so they can share and swap information plus experiences, whilst making and building new friendships in a new country.

International Women's Club of Lucerne
We are an active English-speaking club in the Lucerne area, and we are delighted to share with you our interests and events on the web. It is our hope that this homepage will reach out to English-speaking women in the Lucerne area and lead to many new and rewarding friendships.

International Women's Club of Lugano
The Club's purpose is to bring women together in order to share resources, hobbies, interests, skills and contacts via a wide variety of informal and formal activities. The Club now has more than 210 members from over 30 countries. Most of the members live in Ticino.

Newcomers Club - Switzerland

Organization of Women in International Trade
OWIT Lake Geneva connects professionals across industries, providing networking, development, and social opportunities. OWIT Lake Geneva's members represent a diverse spectrum of cultures and industries. Our members benefit from a world-wide network of like-minded women and men interested in expanding their professional networks, sharing ideas and best practices, and continuing their education.

Professional Women's Group of Basel
The Professional Women's Group of Basel exists to offer women of diverse professional and cultural backgrounds a platform to gain new insights, exchange information and share experiences whilst building friendships and professional relationships in a welcoming and social environment. PWG is a not-for-profit organization with 130 members from more than 25 countries.

Professional Women's Group of Zurich
The Professional Women’s Group of Zurich (PWG) provides support for English speaking women who are interested in meeting and networking with other women, for professional or social purposes, and to exchange experiences about the working world. Women of all nationalities are welcome whether currently employed or not.

The Zug International Women's Club
The ZIWC is a thriving organisation comprising over 500 members representing nearly 50 different nationalities.

Zurich International Women's Association
ZIWA is Zurich's leading International Women's Association. Our purpose is simple. We bring together women of all ages and nationalities to help celebrate different cultures, expand our viewpoints and build friendships. With over 650 members representing 65 different nationalities, ZIWA is dynamic, very international and most importantly fun!

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Basel Expats
The local website for expats in Basel and beyond.
European Professional Women's Network (EPWN) - Geneva
A vibrant growing pan-European federation whose common objective is to provide women with the tools, networks and support they need to assume leadership. We aim to share knowledge across Europe, and are participating in several Europe-wide initiatives. We combine a sophisticated online networking platform, linking several thousand business women across Europe, with regular, offline events in many cities across Europe.
A new, one-stop information and service center for expats (expatriates) living in or moving to Basel. ExpatBasel.com is offering expatriates useful information in order to make their life easy in Basel.
Website to Buy, Sell and Rent Online in English for Switzerland.
We are a group of friends interested in keeping you informed about the exciting life in Switzerland. Community forums. Marketplace. And more.
Expat Expo
Switzerland's first and largest anglophone-oriented exposition. Zurich, Geneva, Zug, Basel.
Expat in Switzerland
Useful information on a full spectrum of issues facing expats living in Switzerland.
Expatica Switzerland
The international community's home away from home on the web. It is a must-read for English-speaking expatriates and internationals across Europe, providing a tailored local news service and essential information on living in, working in or moving to your country of choice.
Léman Expat Fair
Informative day for the internationals in the Swiss Romande part of Switzerland. (5th edition)
Mamizeit.com - International Moms in Switzerland
What is it like being an Expat mom in Switzerland? In this monthly web magazine you can read about expat life in Switzerland seen through expat eyes. Understanding Swiss way of life could otherwise take a lifetime.
Moving 2 Switzerland
Our expert international relocation consultants screen moving companies and relocation management providers, to find the service you need at the price you want!  And don’t forget to use our useful guides and tools to help you prepare for your move, and learn more about Switzerland and your future new home.
Relocation Switzerland
Relocation Switzerland is specialized in lump-sum tax agreements with the Swiss government for wealthy private individuals.
The German Way
These German Way pages are intended to make it easier for anyone to have a better experience in German-speaking Europe. Knowing what to expect can be a big help, and that’s what you’ll find here: information and resources for Americans and other English-speaking expats in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.
The STORK - The Parenting Resource for Switzerland
There are three sections to The Stork - The New Stork Times, Stork Knows and Storks Nest; providing support, networks and a parent's guide to Zurich.
One-stop shop for the English speaking expatriate in Switzerland. Full of advice, businesses and addresses.
Zug 4 U
A new site bringing together expats in Zug, Switzerland.
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British School of Bern
Inter-Community School of Zurich
International School of Bern
International School of Geneva
International School of Schaffhausen
International School of Winterthur
International School of Zug
Swiss International School – Zurich North
Université de Genève
Zurich International School
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Inside Switzerland Magazine
Print magazine in English about contemporary lifestyle, design and culture in Switzerland - for the nation's most style-conscious internationals. Articles on Swiss fashion, innovation, architecture, design and sport. The Inside Switzerland Newsletter is a free monthly e-mail with bite-sized articles on all things Swiss with a round-up of the country's events.
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Looking for work in another country requires more than just the obvious CV translation. You will be confronted with issues that probably didn't even cross your mind when you decided to go for an international career, but don't underestimate the big impact they can have on the outcome of your adventure! Think for example about the different rules and habits regarding immigration, job application procedures, the selection procedures and the management culture.

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Switzerland Map
Central Intelligence Agency, 2005
Location: Euro
Capital City: Bern
Other Important Cities: Zurrís, Geneva, Zurich, Interlaken, Basel.
Currency: Swiss Franc
Language: German, French, Italian, Raeto-Romance
Calling Code: 41
Internet TLD: ch
Electricity: 230V 50Hz
Emergency Numbers:
Country Information

Embassy Information
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These tips were kindly provided by volunteer Expat Women Mentors in 2007. ExpatWomen.com shares these tips in an effort to help but takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.
Provided by Pamela N, Scottish, in Basel, Swizerland
Learn a little German.
Learn a little French.
Buy a copy of Living and Working in Switzerland.
Visit the city and look for an apartment before moving to Basel to help you decide whether you want/can afford to live in the city or the countryside.
5. Join the Baselexpats yahoo group as this is an invaluable source of information and support.
Provided by Ursula, British, in Egg, Switzerland
In every new location you can discover new opportunities; life is about flexibility and continuous learning.
2. Always align to your purpose in life, regardless the location you live in.
Switzerland is a beautiful place. People crave to have a chance to come here and live and experience life. Step out and discover the place and make the best of your stay here.
If you need support, connect to people of like-mind. Sharing makes life so much easier.
Learn the language, so you can communicate. Maybe you have a special skill through which you can contribute and help others. Life has more meaning when we are able to contribute in one way or another.
Provided by Carrie E, American, Lausanne, Switzerland
There are many local regulations regarding work permits, commune (your local village) registration, and driving that you need to be aware of upon arrival.
Before or upon arrival, get copies of "Know It All Parents" and "The American Women's Club of Lausanne Handbook." They both contain valuable information on every aspect of life in and around the Lausanne area.
The international schools have very long waiting lists so it is critical to apply early to the school(s) of your choice.
There is a substantial amount of travel, cultural and sports activities for adults and children so be prepared to do a lot of exploring!
5. The expat community is very spread out geographically so you need to make an effort to socialize and meet up with other expats as much as possible.
Provided by Jessica B, American, Neuchatel, Switzerland
Bring your hiking boots and if you don't have it, cultivate a love for the outdoors.
Be prepared for a slow society, which is difficult for extroverts and social people. Be prepared to find people formal, brief and unwilling to "chat."
Observe as much as you can. There is a culture to be learned, not just a language, which has its own rules and expectations.
You are going to gain weight. Much of the diet includes cheese, fried potatoes and meats. Salads are not rare, but are not easy to find. There are only two brands of "light" products, though that is increasing. Be prepared for this, because it is normal and beatable...but mostly certain.
Leave half of your clothing back at home. Clothes are also a cultural difference, and you'll end up shopping for new styles most likely. It's also incredibly heavy!
Provided by Josta V, Dutch, Geneva, Switzerland
Learn the French language as soon as you can!
Try to connect with others, since Geneva has 40% non-Swiss inhabitants it is quite easy to find more women like you and share tips and experiences.
Explore the countryside of Geneva in weekends, preferably Sundays since the rest of town is completely closed anyway and your new neighbors (if Swiss) will appreciate quiet time on Sundays.
A good place to start for finding babysitters, help in translating, getting things fixed in and around the house, housework etc: the university offers a service for which students can sign up, you can post your request on an electronic board and students will apply to get the job. Website: http://www.unige.ch/dase/bupla/
A good book to buy, especially when with young kids is: know-it-all-guide which lists all sorts of things to do with kids, even where to go when pregnant, giving birth, finding daycare, playgroups etc.
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