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Expat Women: Helping Women Living Overseas. Expatriate Women Living Abroad


Included below are just some of the testimonials that we have received since January 2007. If our site has helped you, please brighten our day by leaving your testimonial on any of our Expat Women Blog posts (unfortunately we are not receiving emails during our 'break'). Thank you.

"Thank you for all of your hard work... Your site has been a great source of information."
Judy Klinkam, April 2012 (American-Swiss, living in the United States)

"Expat Women had a huge impact on the expat community. Thank you."
Jasmine Keel, March 2012 (French, living in Switzerland)

"I always looked forward to your newsletters. You did such a great job. It is people like you that expats need out there… We will miss you."
Mercedes de Marchena, March 2012 (Panamanian-Dutch, living in the United States)

"I've bought your book and read every last word. So very helpful on so many levels! Don't stay away too long!"
Vanessa Wattley, March 2012 (Trinidadian, living in South Africa)

"Thank you for your site. Living in a small town, by Chinese standards, can be tough and your newsletter made things a little brighter. I have a few more months to go and with the positive, inspiring words from your contributors I think I can make it. Hopefully you take a break and come back soon."
Pauline Christie, March 2012 (American, living in China)

"Your publication has been instrumental for me to enjoy my expatriate life and later on to start my own business."
Silvia Reed, March 2012 (Peruvian-American, living in the United States)

"Thank you so much for all your hard work on the ever inspiring Expat Women newsletter. I am sure I will not be the only one to express that we will miss your e-mails very much, and to let you know that all your effort over the past few years is very much appreciated."
Zee Fairhead-Keast, March 2012 (South African, living in Switzerland)

“I am blown away by your website and the fact that it exists. What a wonderful tool for me to refer to anytime I need.”
Juliana Carrozzi, November 2008, (American, living in Nicaragua)

“You have made a wonderful difference in my life.”
Karen Van Drie, January 2010, (American, living in the Czech Republic)

“Just wanted to let you know I think your website is simply amazing, such a wealth of resources, and such interesting people... absolutely super, the best on the net...”
Mary van der Boon, October 2009, (Canadian-Dutch, living in The Netherlands)

“I am sure you get thousands of emails like this, but just wanted to be among the very many who wants to say THANK YOU! You've lifted my spirit to such high of a point that "thank you" seems way too inadequate! I will send your link to as many expat or non-expat women that I know.”
Bahareh Abghar, August 2007, (Iranian, living in the United States)

“Keep up the good work, really, people like me are so grateful you are there.”
Alex Taylor, January 2010, (British, living in the United States)

“I love your site! What an invaluable resource for expat women around the globe. There are many sites dedicated to expats, but few that are as comprehensive as Expat Women, and yours, of course, is the only one I’ve found that is dedicated to helping women in particular.”
Jeannie Pedersen, February 2009, (American)

“I absolutely love, love, love the expat women website. It has been a real life saver.”
Rupal Dalal, May 2007, (American, moving to Mexico)

“It’s such a pleasure to read all the stories: it motivates and helps me to go further with my own ideas and opportunities.”
Monika Khaled, January 2011, (Austrian, living in Singapore)

“I love your website! It's a wonderful idea, to link a global community of women who can share and draw on each other's experiences.”
Vivienne Stanton, February 2007, (Australian, living in Argentina and Mexico)

“I must say, your site is addictive. I have recently started a business, serving expatriates living overseas, and have gleaned a tremendous amount of useful information and contacts from your site. You have done a fabulous job highlighting the creative talents and skills of an interesting group of women.”
Susan Bernstein, October 2010, (American repatriate)

“Congratulations! I'm amazed at the wealth and plethora of information available, great job to you and to all your team!”
Marina Teoh, January 2007

“All the effort you put into ExpatWomen.com shows... it's a professional, empowering email magazine that supports so many women abroad. So thank you for all your hard work!”
Karen Armstrong, September 2009, (American, living in Italy)

“First let me tell you how amazing your site is. A well of helpful advice, a connection with other women like me... I can’t say enough. Thank you so much! I loved your site from the first time I read it.”
Mercedes de Marchena, October 2007, (American, living in Curaçao)

“First and foremost, I have to congratulate you on your site! It’s a brilliant idea and quite the lifesaver! (It’s incredibly comforting to know one is not alone!).”
Diana Carolina, December 2008, (Mexican, living in Colombia)

“I have to tell you what I'm seeing so far is unbelievable. I have been living on an island for four years now. I decided to put this to prayer, and then my friend sent me your link this morning. This is an awesome idea!”
Jeannette Smith, April 2007, (American)

“What a nice surprise to find the Expat Women site! I have been expat woman for almost six years now and I always wanted to find a website like this one. So much interesting information, nice layout, I felt more than welcome! Congratulations!”
Valeria Oliveira, September 2008

“As an expat woman, it’s great to have a website that connects me to other women in a similar situation and not only that, that we can share our learning, advice and heartfelt support to women where ever they are in the world in similar circumstances. Good luck with the future of Expat Women and well done on what you've achieved so far – a thriving, diverse, community and fact filled website!”
Nicola McCall, July 2007, (British, living in The Netherlands)

“I just wanted to say that I discovered your 'gem' of a website late last night whilst trying to organise my thoughts and plans on relocating overseas in six weeks. Having come across you website I must admit that it feels so good to have a support network to guide you through 'the unknown'. The section that most appeals to me besides the 'stories' section, is the 'books and reviews'. I find comfort in arming myself with as much knowledge as I can and learning from people who have already experienced what I am about to. Thank you for coming up with such a wonderful idea!”
Arosha Seneviratne Epa, March 2007, (Australian, moving abroad soon)

“ExpatWomen.com keeps me sane on bad days! The last few months have been very challenging albeit I would do it all again in a heartbeat… your website is amazing… Keep doing what you’re doing… it’s just wonderful!”
Judy Herde, January 2010, (New Zealander, living in China)

“Your website really helped me in reaching out and finding wonderful connections here in Saudi Arabia during a very difficult time of transition. Thanks a lot and you are doing a great service to women across the globe with your website.”
Tameen Faridi, May 2007, (American, living in Saudi Arabia)

“You should feel very proud of the work you have done and I am sure you get lots of positive feedback from your readers. I for one am VERY IMPRESSED with the site, and believe me I have been on many an expat website. So keep up the quality work and commitment to being THE resource for expat women on the Web!”
Megan Fitzgerald, November 2007, (American, living in Italy)

I stumbled on your website at a perfect time, the inspiration, articles, and ideas provided some rejuvenation on a challenging day. Great job.”
Kelly D, May 2007

“Your website - ExpatWomen.com is an amazing site containing detailed information for women living abroad. I enjoyed browsing through many of your pages. I congratulate you on running such a wonderful site for women.”
Tiffany, May 2008

“I really enjoy your site, it has such a good blend of career, life, inspiration and expatriate issues. A real gem.”
Louise Green, June 2008, (expat living in Canada)

“I am so impressed with your site for expat women! I wish this was around fifteen years ago when I started my journey!”
Elizabeth Kruempelmann, June 2008, (American, living in Germany

“I found your website about six months ago and ever since I frequently check your site, read some articles, and being inspired by such a fabulous site!”
Eri Takahashi, April 2008

“I just want to say how thrilled I am to have found your website! I feel relieved and comforted to be registered with your website. Thank you so much!”
Camino Diez, April 2008, (Canadian, living in Moscow)

Just wanted to say I found your site today ... thank you so much for what you've done for those searching for resources and learning what it means to be an expat. Very cool! I am off to peruse your site now.
Tara Livesay, December 2008, (American, living in Haiti)

“I have been an expat for fourteen years now, but, never came across your website until now. It is great, and a wonderful support to new expats. Thank you again, your site is professional and reminds us that we are not alone – the world is a smaller place.”
Robyn Vogels, March 2009, (British, living in Australia)

“I LOVE your site and find it so refreshing and informative. Thanks for all of your work on the site - it is a great resource in so many ways. I have developed a keen interest in expat issues so I am glad you keep feeding my appetite for this ever-expanding topic! I find your site really great and a useful resource. Thanks for making it happen!
Nicole Hartigan, September 2009

“I wish expatwomen.com had existed when I started my existence as a trailing spouse! Hopefully I'll be able to help some other women have a better time.”
Diane Antone, April 2007, (expat living in the Bahamas)

“Congratulations on your site! It is an interesting and fresh site in terms of content and the needs it fills in the world.”
Grace Kibunja-Kabungo, March 2007, (International School of Kenya - Nairobi, Kenya)

“Just took a quick tour of the site and wanted to let you know that it really looks great! I'm really impressed, and can't wait to explore it in greater detail! Keep up the good work.”
Liza, January 2007

“Your site is AWESOME! It has much more than I thought it would and I’m sure it will take off very quickly. Excellent job!”
Roxanne Davis, January 2007, (American, living in Argentina)

“I stumbled across the Expat Women website for the first time today. It's a wonderful, inspirational, tool and I think I will find it extremely useful in going forward. Thank you.”
Angela Saunders, November 2008, (Scottish, living in Switzerland)

“Let me say what a great site you have. There is so much information, and so much one can relate to. Once again, thank you for putting together a great site.”
Maria Habets, February 2008, (American, living in The Netherlands)

“I found your website today and want you all to know what a relief it was to finally meet other women. Obviously, I did not meet anyone personally. However, I felt as though I had as so many women had many of the same stresses and feelings I have been experiencing. It gave me comfort to know that there are resources out there. I just need to take the initiative.”
Kathleen Peardot, January 2008, (American, living in the United Kingdom)

“Thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity to participate and contribute to Expat Women. It is truly an honor to be a (small) part of such a dynamic growing organization which is fulfilling a key need of expat women all over the globe.”
Carol, December 2007, (American, living in Saudi Arabia)

“I adore your site and keep doing a great job at ExpatWomen.com.”
Christine Cantera, September 2008

“I'm still on your site and have been reading everything! I really need to get on with my day, but I was hooked!”
Becky Grappo, March 2008, (American, living in the United Arab Emirates)

“I discovered your website a couple months ago… You are providing a great service for expats. I had a challenging time assembling information for moving a family abroad. There was plenty of info out there for 20-somethings and retirees, but not much in between. Your site fills that gap. I love Expat Women!”
Serena Makofsky, January 2008

“Love your website - entertaining and informative. Well done.”
Dr. Philipa S. Kirkpatrick M.B.E, January 2008

“Your site is terrific; I stumbled across it the other day and immediately submitted my blog and a story. It's going to be an invaluable resource for me as I plan my trip to South Asia, my move to Ireland and make the most of my time here in Japan!”
Olivia, November 2008, (expat living in Japan)

“Very best wishes on your brilliant site!”
Sarah Lee, October 2007

“Congratulations! It looks fabulous! Great job, it really is fantastic.”
Lizzy McNaney-Juster, January 2007, (British, living in the United States)

“The website looks FANTASTIC, Again GREAT job.”
Andreea Gulacsi, January 2007

“What you are doing is incredible and admirable…”
Melanie Parker, May 2008

“WOW! Thank you all for sending this welcome information to newbies like me, who hear about these things, but don't have a clue what they are all about! This is an awesome site!”
Terri Williams, June 2008, (American repatriate)

“Thank you for being a portal for me and other women around the world!”
Layne Mosler, March 2008, (expat living in Argentina)

I've been receiving the Expat Women newsletter for some time now and love your website - so much fabulous content!”
Judy Rickatson, September 2009, (Canadian repatriate)

“I'm so happy to discover your site. It's a great resource, and I'll spread the word with friends here in China, too.”
Kristin Bair O'Keeffe, March 2008, (American, living in China)

“It was extremely interesting to come across your link! Thank you so much for putting this together. Again thank you for your work here. I was so pleased to come across this site!”
Mary McFarlin (American repatriate), June 2008

“You've done lovely work with your site. I had a ball browsing through the articles and other blogs. Such a resource. Thanks again for your help and your site. For travelling families like ours, it's so lovely to be able to just pick a country and get a few different glimpses of life there.”
Karey Mackin, January 2008 (expat living in Jordan)

“Firstly, let me begin by saying a big thank you for your website – it is JUST what I needed!”
Lisa Roberts, November 2008, (South African expat)

“I've been sending everyone I train (male or female) to your site. It's part of my resource handout after every program. I've gotten fabulous feedback back! You guys have an awesome thing going!”
Saskia Meckman, August 2009, (American repatriate)

“I have yet to overcome the discovery of your website. This is, by far, the ultimate migration website! I run a "Migration Studies" group on Facebook, where people who study migration advertise links and events related to migration from an academic perspective. I have endorsed your website as the best among them! Congratulations.”
Natalia del Cid, July 2009

“I browsed your website and find it very helpful for women who live overseas. I lived in Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and the United Kingdom in recent years and wish that at the time that I was moving, this resourceful website was discovered!”
Dana Augustin, June 2009, (expat living in St Lucia)

“Hi there! I've just found this site and was most impressed. I've lived in Izmir, Turkey for 27 years... Congratulations on a great site!”
Maggie, February 2007, (expat living in Turkey)

“Thanks again for your initiative and excellent source of the expat's voice!”
Ruth Goodbody (Canadian, living in Scotland), June 2009

“Thank you for your fascinating site…”
Beryl Williams (British, living in Bulgaria), June 2009

“What you have created is absolutely marvellous. Your website is so amazing! So glad to have learned of it!”
Ashely Aliko, May 2009, (Japanese expat)

“I was so pleased to find the website. It contains some incredibly helpful information. We are moving to Saudi Arabia soon. This will be a big adventure for us and the resources I found on your website are extremely informative.”
Cyndi (American, August 2009, moving to Saudi Arabia)

“I have been enjoying your newsletter ever since I came to the Netherlands a couple of years ago. I thought I would drop you a line to show you how much I appreciate you running this newsletter for expats like us. Thanks a ton for helping us through our days abroad.”
Debjani Sengupta, August 2009, (expat living in The Netherlands)

“Thanks for such brilliant articles and wonderful to see so many ladies doing so well.”
Archana Somaiya, June 2009, (British, living in Uganda)

“Thanks for keeping me updated with your fantastic organization. I really gain so much inspiration and a sort of support by reading through the accounts of other independent women in the world.”
Abby Mary Kempe, February 2009, (British expat)

“I have been telling heaps of people about your website, I think it is fantastic.”
Tina McMeekin, September 2009, (Australian, living in Malaysia)

“As an expat mum myself, I find your site invaluable for information and advice and links to other sites that are helpful. Many thanks for all your work in getting it up and running and maintaining it so beautifully. One of the things I have found most difficult about being an expat Mum is that I don't have the mummy network in place and not speaking the language, I've found it difficult to develop one. This is where the Internet, and sites such as yours are so useful as I find myself relying upon the virtual network more and more. Many thanks.”
Emily Vest, June 2009, (British, living in Bosnia)

“Thanks so much for your kind words! It’s high praise indeed from the founder of the best web resource in the world for our community!”
Tracey Starr, March 2009, (American, living in Thailand)

“Well, I'm blown away by your website - Congratulations to you.”
Kay Withell, June 2007, (Australian)

“I came across your website as I was searching for some contact information, and think it is one of the best expat websites that I have seen in this past couple of months since I started searching…”
Darlene Coady, February 2009, (American, living in The Netherlands)

“You really do have some useful stuff on your site! I think your site has some really fantastic sections.... well done!
Gilly Rich, March 2009, (American expat)

“Your website is very inspirational and helpful to many women. I will definitely share it with my Families in Transition Committee here in Maputo.”
Milagros Teran, December 2008, (living in Mozambique)

“Thank you – love journeying through your pages. Something always gets my attention and captures my curiosity.”
Joyce Blake, January 2009, (American)

“I am very excited about Expat women. I have lived in Mexico for almost a year now and have met a lot of really nice women through blogging and I am excited to meet more. Thanks for a great site…”
Melinda Rosas Standring, March 2009, (expat living in Mexico)

“I just wanted to commend you on an excellent e-letter this month. I really, really enjoyed reading it! I particularly enjoyed [the] Telegraph article [you wrote] – once an expat, always an expat. I'd agree!”
Rebecca Wells, September 2008, (British, living in Australia)

“I am so excited to be linked to your site... I am literally on it now going from one blog to the next. Thanks for creating the idea!”
Opal Taylor, August 2007, (Jamaican/American, living in France)

“I have been enjoying reading some of the blogs that you have listed for months: they have helped me find my way around, start feeling comfortable and take up blogging myself!”
Gail Weiss, February 2008

“Thank you for this website. It has helped me over the years. Please let me know if you need any help with stories or whatever. It would be my pleasure to assist.”
Stacy Y. Jenkins, April 2009, (American, living in South Korea)

“Thank you for all the interesting articles.”
Anne Braseby, February 2008

“Your Expat Women site is fantastic and gave us some great information.”
Kathy London, January 2009, (Canadian, living in Sri Lanka)

“I receive your newsletter and I think you're doing a fantastic job.”
Evelyn Hannon (American), August 2007

"I found expatwomen.com over the weekend and was excited beyond belief...."
Jane, March 2007

“I absolutely love your website and wish you the best of luck. It will help lots of people!”
Cathi, March 2007, (American, living in South Korea)

“I think your site is a wonderful resource. Thanks again.”
Kim Petyt, July 2007, (expat living in France)

“I believe your site is very helpful and the best I have read for women.”
De, May 2007, (Australian, living in the United Arab Emirates)

“I must say how much I like your site. I'm going to have to ration my time on it otherwise I shall get nothing else done all day!”
Josephine Walmesley, September 2008, (expat living in France)

“I enjoy the Expat Women web site. It's very helpful.”
Rochelle Stuve, May 2007

“Your site is great! Good luck with everything!”
Betsy Verheij, April 2007

“I have used your web site regularly and would like to congratulate you on a fantastic site!”
Jax Slaven (British), July 2007

“My compliments to you on another fabulous newsletter! You are truly my inspiration!”
Susan Musich, February 2009, (American)

“I have only just discovered your site and wish I had found it when I first moved out to the South Asian continent.”
Lara D. Zilberwkeit (British/American, living in India), February 2007

“Great job… congrats on another terrific year of articles...”
Ruth E. Van Reken, December 2008, (American repatriate)

“I just would like to say that Expat Woman Site is really nice. Congratulations!”
Luciana Konda, February 2008

“I just checked the website, it's amazing!
Lucila Gomes, January 2007, (Brazilian, living in Mexico)

“Thanks again for a great website and network!”
Eileen Colucci, January 2008, (American, living in Morocco)

Please take a moment to pat yourselves on the back because you have created a wonderful site.”
Suzanne Marie Bandick, December 2007, (Canadian, living in Mexico)

If you have not yet left a testimonial but would like to, we are not receiving emails during our 'break' (sorry), but we are checking our blog, so please leave a comment on any of our Expat Women Blog posts. Thank you. (Note: If your name is listed above but needs a correction, or you would prefer not to be included, please leave a comment on any of our posts and we will action ASAP.)

These testimonials were uploaded to our site for the first time in March 2012.
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